Lamisal Olive Green Oversized Dropped T-shirt (Waves of life)


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This is Lamisal’s perfect oversized tee, one that doesn’t require any body definition at all. the original design for all body types, so wide and square it will fall loosely over a pair of any pants/trousers, Look and feel Which helps to boost your confidence and your experience with the rest.

Lamisal oversized tee brings to your viewer’s mind slouch, volume and less worried personality. Lamisal oversized fit is the most demanded fashion forward in youth for 7 years, Once you get started with Lamisal oversized garments it will be your forever wardrobe choice.

We have used the 4-way stretch fabrics in our Lamisal oversized collection, stretching in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise and it has a long-lasting lifeline This means greater freedom of motion and durability from your garment.

  • It has Style characteristics that fall perfectly on the body
  • Utility characteristics easy to wash and care
  • Durability characteristics are long-lasting and usable in all weather

No compromise in the quality of stitching.

No wearers will buy a garment with poor quality stitches and visible defects. And we consider you our family so we make sure our relationship with you lasts forever, we have used The five-thread overlock machine which is superior to the three-thread overlock machine because it has two needles and two loopers for security stitch on the pocket as well as an outer layer to look more enhanced in terms of fashion.


S, M, L, XL


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